Variable 能源 Resource Integration

Variable 能源 Resource Integration Studies

Installed wind and solar generation capacity continues to expand in the Pacific Northwest, including eastern Oregon and southern Idaho. hg8868皇冠下载 currently integrates 720 megawatts (MW) of wind and 319 MW of solar energy on its system. An additional 120 MW of solar is scheduled to come online in December 2022. Looking to the future, hg8868皇冠下载 set a goal to reach 到2045年实现100%清洁能源.

hg8868皇冠下载 completed a Variable 能源 Resource (VER) Integration Analysis in 2018, 专注于风, and a 太阳能 Integration Study in 2016. The company revisited these studies in 2020 and will share the results as part of the 2021 综合资源计划 处理和归档. hg8868皇冠下载 will continue to update these studies as necessary.

The objective of VER integration studies is to assess how operations of dispatchable generating resources must be modified to integrate increasing levels of variable energy while ensuring the reliable delivery of electrical power.

hg8868皇冠下载 considers the assessment of costs and benefits associated with variable energy resources an important part of efforts to ensure the price it pays for energy is fair to generators and customers alike. The estimation of these integration costs is used by the company to inform other planning and cost assessments including:

  • 综合资源计划 – Integration costs provide a comparative evaluation of variable generation resources to other resource option
  • Qualifying Facilities defined under the Public Utility Regulatory 政策 Act of 1978
  • Value of distributed energy resources

Use the links below to view materials and information related to the latest variable energy resource studies.


2018 Variable 能源 Resource Integration Analysis


太阳能 Integration Study Report

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